Data Collection Service

Pivot Billions Data Collection Service (DCS) is a simple way for marketers to collect and store site and user-level data for marketing analysis. It is a fully managed hosted service that requires no maintenance, with free updates to the service that integrates with Google Tag Manager for easy tag maintenance.

It is a safe, secure service that is both GDPR and CCPA compliant where site owners have the capability to manage the entirety of their data including access logs.

Event level logs as well as site level reports are easily imported into the Pivot Billions analysis tool as well as other popular BI tools like Excel, Tableau, Google Sheets, etc.


Free Account

The service is free to use for most site owners.  Enterprise users can contact us for a custom solution.

Stop Cookie Purging

Set tracking domain to your own first party domain to mitigate cookie deletion from browser gatekeeping like Safari ITP.


DCS gives the data-ownership back to the site-owner making it easier for regulatory compliance.  Load, edit, delete data at no additional cost.

How It Works

Sign Up

Sign up for a free account.

Install Tag

Add tracking code into your sites.

View Data

View logs in real time as well as receive scheduled reports.