Faster, Easier Data Exploration & Analysis

Pivot Billions is a powerful solution that allows any user to explore and analyze large datasets in real-time in a dynamic and familiar spreadsheet-like interface. It is a SaaS based solution that is highly cost effective and highly scalable for any size data analysis need.

Drag & Drop Everything

Data loading can be as easy as dragging and dropping your data files into Pivot Billions. Once loaded, report tables are automatically generated from your data. Combine and connect different data sets and add the columns as dimensions to a pivot table. Pivot tables also allow you to simply drag and drop the dimensions on the fly for multi-angle analysis of your data.

No Limits

Pivot Billions runs on our proprietary agile, data analysis platform that combines massively parallel and in memory processing to achieve the fastest data analysis results. Scalable to handle any size data and fast enough to get your results in seconds.