Pivot Billions and Deep Learning enhanced trading models achieve 30% net profit

Deep Learning has revolutionized the fields of image classification, personal assistance, competitive board game play, and many more. However, the financial currency markets have been surprisingly stagnant. In our efforts to create a profitable and accurate trading model, we came upon the question: what if financial currency data could be represented as an image? The […] continue reading »

Health Data Analysis: CDC Behavioral Risk Factor data says eat your green veggies

Everyone wants to be healthy but there are many competing claims as to how you can achieve this. With so many contradictory diets, exercise routines that take enormous amounts of time and dedication, and many other perceived paths to a healthy body and mind; tying these claims to actual data becomes very necessary and useful. […] continue reading »

Completing the Picture: Who is the Fantasy Football GOAT for Offense?

Fantasy football can be a relaxing past time but for anyone who takes the competition seriously, data immediately becomes very necessary. While many people track their favorite players from their favorite teams, to truly put together a winning team you need to be able to explore and understand large amounts of data. Moreover, the data […] continue reading »